1. Based on the 2020 Census data, California will have one less seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, so each congressional district will have to be a bit larger than it would have been if the state had continued with 53 seats.
  2. There have been significant population shifts within California over the last ten years. While many areas have gained in population, some areas have grown much faster than others.  Districts with the fastest-growing populations will have to shrink geographically; those that have lost population will have to grow
  3. The 2010 Commission had a shorter time to complete its work and thus was unable to gather as much Community of Interest input as the 2020 Commission hopes to gather. The input that we are gathering – both through the new online tool at and through more than 30 Community of Interest input meetings that we will be holding over the summer – will be important to the Commission as it looks at how best to draw the new district lines.

Help us draw the best possible districts by participating in our Community of Interest input meetings (see the schedule at or by sharing your Community of Interest input through our online tool at