"Today's reapportionment data announcement from the U.S. Census Bureau is much appreciated. These numbers are population totals for the nation and the states, as well as congressional apportionment totals for each state, also known as Methods of Equal Proportions. What these data are not, are the Census data the California Citizens Redistricting Commission needs to redraw the lines for Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and Board of Equalization districts. Those data are expected as early as mid-August, and as late as October. The highly debated question regarding where we will lose a congressional seat remains unanswered. The commission will use the census data in conjunction with input from communities on the ground to create a full assessment of the representational needs of the state. As we await redistricting data, Californians should continue to submit Communities of Interest (COI) input to the commission, which will inform commissioners which communities wish to remain together during the redistricting process. Californians can visit to submit COI input today.