From: Robert Zimmerman
Date: Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 10:53 AM
Subject: 1st Congressional District

Hello, my wife and I just purchased a home in Chico that we will be moving to once it is finished.  In reviewing the Congressional representation of Chico and its political makeup, I discovered a huge mismatch in the Congressional representation and Chico's voting history.  The Congressman for the 1st Congressional District is Doug LaMalfa.  To wit, these are some facts regarding Chico and LaMalfa.
Larger cities and towns in the 1st Congressional District and its voting patterns as reported by the Sacramento Bee (there are a small group of voters regarded as "Other" in each locale).
Biggs, 32% Dem, 39% Rep, 23% NP
Chico, 43% Dem, 26% Rep, 24% NP
Gridley, 35% Dem, 33% Rep, 25% NP
Oroville, 30% Dem, 32% Rep, 29% NP
Paradise, 27% Dem, 38% Rep, 26% NP
Red Bluff, 27% Dem, 36% Rep, 29% NP
Redding, 24% Dem, 45% Rep, 25% NP
Yuba City, 32% Dem, 35% Rep, 24% NP
As you can see, Chico votes heavily Democratic.  

Some of LaMalf's activities while representing the 1st CD:
  • Joined a Texas lawsuit to challenge the results in Pennsylvania.  
  • Used a forged document to mislabel his opponent's support for his perceived adversary, Nancy Pelosi, and raised money off of it.
  • Warranted a highly charged opinion from the Chico Enterprise Record asking for him to step down after he and his colleagues' attempt to overturn the election and give the insurrectionists rationale to storm the Capitol on January 6.
  • Ignited a voice of anger by tens of thousands of Chico residents in opposition to his efforts to overturn the election.
  • Votes in lock step with the Republican caucus that does not address the concerns of the residents of Chico.
While the merits of LaMalfa's actions can be viewed through a partisan lens, one fact remains above all:  LaMalfa is deeply out of step with the residents of Chico's views and concerns.  There is no doubt many Chico residents, while normally relying on their Congressional representation to help solve matters of concern to them, will not contact LaMalfa's office for any assistance feeling he will not listen to their concerns especially when the subject centers on social issues.  He is as deeply partisan as any Congressman.  
There are many smaller towns where much, if not most, of LaMalfa's support originates.  The residents of these smaller locations have very little in common politically with the majority of the residents of Chico.  After the maps were drawn after the 2010 vote, the country began a period of deep partisanship that did not show itself during the time that maps were being drawn.  As such, you now have a community in the 1st Congressional District, Penn Valley, where leaders of the community have taken it upon themselves to adopt the Confederate flag.  This is deeply partisan and radical.  It also speaks to the partisanship that LaMalfa embraces.
With this in mind, my wife and I ask in earnest for reconsideration of the inclusion of Chico in the 1st Congressional District.  I am an IT worker with a Master's Degree and plan to continue working while living in Chico.  I will be a contributor to the community in ways that Mr. LaMalfa will not be.  
Robert Zimmerman
currently of Las Vegas