From: karl Machschefes 
Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 6:02 PM
Subject: Redistricting

I have two major requests and one minor request! One and two are the major requests!
1) Take each state Senate district and split it into exactly two Assembly districts. This creates the dynamic of a working group of two Assembly members and one senator working for the interest of their geographic distrcits.
2) Make sure to keep cities and counties intact. For example, I live in yolo County and West Sacramento.  Often both West Sacramento and Yolo County are split between two Assembly and two Congressional districts. Yolo County has a population of about 220,000 and West Sacramento about 54,000.  We should be within one district! Not split up and partitioned! This should be the rule across the state.  Keep all cities and counties together, unless they are too big, such as Orange County and San Jose.  But in this case Orange County should have their Assembly, Senate and Congressional districts exclusively in Orange County, unless one needs to be shared with another county. In that case ONLY ONE district should be shared!
3) You could have two private companies work on reapportionment.  One would reapportion the state legislative seats the other Congressional seats!      
Thank you,
Karl Machschefes