1. The Commission understands that communities often develop positive and productive relationships with their current representatives. However, California’s state constitution, in Article XXI, Section 2, Subsection d.4, stipulates that "Communities of interest shall not include relationships with political parties, incumbents, or political candidates."
  2. We are eager to hear about your communities of interest – what makes them unique, what are your shared interests, what nearby areas you would or would not like to be grouped with in a district for the various elected offices – not who you would like to be represented by; you will have a chance to make that choice at election time!
  3. The Commission will be considering all of the public input about communities of interest, but it is barred from considering relationships between communities and incumbents or potential candidates.

Help us draw the best possible districts by participating in our Community of Interest input meetings (see the schedule at or by sharing your Community of Interest input through our online tool at