The Commission is required to define the geographic boundaries for the Congressional Districts, State Senate districts, State Assembly districts, and State Board of Equalization districts so that they contain reasonably equal populations. The 2010 Commission engaged in meetings throughout the State to identify communities of interest. Many of the meetings occurred during the and on weekends to make them more accessible to Californians.

Once the Commission has agreed on the geographic boundaries of the districts, the districts will be displayed on four maps: one map displaying the revised Congressional districts, a second map displaying the revised State Senate districts, a third map displaying the revised State Assembly districts, and a fourth map displaying the revised State Board of Equalization districts.

To be approved, each map must receive the affirmative vote of at least three Commissioners who are Democrats, three Commissioners who are Republicans and three Commissioners from neither of those parties. Once the Commission has approved the final maps, the maps are submitted to the Secretary of State with a report explaining the basis on which the Commission made its decisions.