The initial and supplemental applications were forwarded to an Applicant Review Panel (panel) consisting of three independent auditors from the California State Auditor. After the panel reviewed all the applications, the panel selected 120 of the “most qualified applicants,” who were then personally interviewed and divided into three equal sub-pools according to party affiliation. The pool was then narrowed down to 60 applicants.

The panel presented those 60 applicants to the California State Legislature, where leadership had the option of removing up to 24 names from the list—eight from each sub-pool. The names of the applicants not removed from the sub-pools were then submitted to the California State Auditor.

The California State Auditor randomly drew from the names remaining in the three sub-pools: three Democrats, three Republicans, and two from neither of those parties. These eight applicants became the first eight members of the Commission.

The first eight members of the Commission then selected the final six members of the Commission by selecting two commissioners from each of the three sub-pools.